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Reverse Curb Sensor


Parking Curb Sensor

VR3 Bumper Guard

Parking Sensor

Ford 8L1Z-15K859-A


Vehicle Parking Sensors range in price. The price can range anywhere from $50 to $300.

Each system comes with 4-8 sensors and others come with a metallic strip that is installed behind the bumper. Some of these sensors are easy to install and others require a little bit of work. If you don't feel comfortable removing your bumper and installing some of the more "advanced sensors," then any Car Installation Technician would be able to install this for cheap.

The sensors are either all ultrasonic, or a combination of ultrasonic and radar. When you get close to an object, it begins to beep. The faster the beeping, the closer you are to an object.

Now you can get Vehicle Parking Sensors without having to buy a new car and shelling out a $900 a month car payment!




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